Pride Glitter Pasties
Pride Glitter Pasties

Pride Glitter Pasties

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Show your love and support. Wear your Pride I Heart U on your sleeve. Love is Love, BB! 


Each pack includes 2 Nipztix pasties. Nipztix will effectively hide your thunder while allowing you to shine! Our pasties are great for raves and rendezvous, parties and poolsides, and festivals or fashion emergencies. Wear Nipztix for evenings out, with daring dresses or to spice up those intimate situations ;) Rock Your Body (yeah, yeah) without the wardrobe malfunctions. Join our party and dare to (almost) bare!

 Why Are Nipztix So Awesome?

  • Handmade in California
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free medical grade adhesive
  • Last for 10-12 hours
  • Made of locally sourced (Made in LA) swimsuit material
  • Self-adhering with an easy, peasy application
  • Spice up your cutest outfits, wear under tanks, or even replace a bikini top ;)
  • Female owned and operated, just like Brassybra.
  • Waterproof! GET EXCITED


  • Sizing: 2.75" inches by 2.5" inches
  • Coverage: 2.75" inches


Size Chart Here

Busty girl? Brassybra is designed to fit cup sizes A-G (DDDD). For additional coverage and support, we recommend using  That Little Extra or applying multiple adhesives per breast.

Between sizes? Brassybra is adjustable and can be cut to fit any unique breast shape or neckline style. (Watch this video to see what we mean!)

97% Cotton

3% Spandex

Adhesive: Medical grade acryllic

  • Standard: (4-6 Day*) $8.45
  • Free: (7-8 Day*) Orders of $60+
  • Expedited: (3 Day*) Starts at $11.45

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*Business days

Brassybra adhesive products are crafted using potent acrylic adhesive, ensuring the lift and hold our clients cherish. However, it's crucial these items are applied with care, strictly following the provided directions. Ensure you read all information provided below to prevent any harm to your skin. Also, please review all warning notices, as found below, along with all legal disclaimers furnished here and with the product.

CAUTION: Brassybra adhesive solutions may not suit everyone or every skin type. Exercising caution and care while using our adhesive items, such as the Game Changer and Shape Tape, is essential. Adhesive products like those from Brassybra could cause discomfort or skin conditions in some individuals, including possible peeling, stress injuries, non-allergic or allergic contact dermatitis, folliculitis, and other skin damages or alterations, such as those resulting from trapped moisture. If you possess any existing skin issues or sensitivities, including allergies to adhesives, are dealing with cancer, or are pregnant, nursing, or lactating, or have any other health concerns, seek advice from a medical professional before utilizing our products. Avoid applying the product over cuts, scratches, broken skin, sunburn, or other skin injuries. This product is not designed for medical purposes and cannot replace professional medical care. For external application only. If you suspect you are allergic to adhesives, acrylic, elastane, or related items like bandages, refrain from using Brassybra adhesive products. Diligently follow all guidelines provided in the Brassybra safety manual and those accompanying your product. Misuse or improper application, such as excessive stretching, and not following the safety instructions, product guidelines, and any warnings, could lead to skin issues, rash, blisters, scrapes, discomfort, or other bodily harm. Removing the product might slightly tug at the skin, causing a sensation of burning or stinging, and/or lead to redness or changes in skin coloration. Keep this product away from children. Do not use for longer periods than recommended and allow at least 72 hours between applications. Avoid wearing during extremely hot weather or exposing yourself to prolonged sun exposure, as this can cause your skin to overheat, resulting in irritation and damage. Discontinue use at once if you encounter itching, redness, skin irritation, burning, an allergic reaction, or any discomfort while using the product and immediately contact your healthcare provider. In case of a medical emergency or if urgent care is needed, call your doctor or dial 911 without delay

The Hype is Real

Discover why Brassybra is every woman's essential. Our innovative boob tape lifts and shapes your bust, allowing you to confidently wear backless dresses, off-the-shoulder sweaters, and low-cut tops. Superior quality at an unbeatable price. Need we say more?

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