Frequently asked questions

What is Brassybra?

Brassybra is a breast tape that mimics the skin by breathing and stretching like the skin. The adhesive is heat activated by your body temperature and enables you to move freely without falling off, you are also able to wear it while swimming. Brassybra lifts, shapes and supports.

My Brassybra Won't Stick...

Brassybra's adhesive is INCREDIBLY strong but has a few requirements. Your skin needs to be bone dry when applying, that means no leftover lotion, oil, moisture or sweat on the skin. Tanning lotions with oil in them can be an issue as well for some users. Brassybra's adhesive is heat activated, so it's crucial to rub it in really well for at least a minute after applying. Rub until you feel warmth.Before activity, swimming, or trimming the product, it needs to set for 30 minutes to allow the adhesive to start to grip the skin. It grips stronger the longe you wear it.

How Do I Remove Brassybra?

Our special removal oil is perfect to remove your Brassybra, however any body safe oil works to break down the adhesive. Soak the product in oil and ideally allow it to set for a few minutes. Remove slowly and gently from bottom to top, adding more oil as you go if needed. Taking a hot shower helps too. Do not pull Brassybra off like a band aid, it’s important to be patient and take your time, otherwise you may cause skin irritation.

Skin Irritation?

Brassybra is manufactured under very strict conditions, we use a medical grade, hypoallergenic adhesive that provides a very strong hold. In the unlikely event Brassybra causes skin irritation there may be several reasons for this, for example; incorrect use, wearing longer than recommended, using it consecutive days, removing without oil, pulling your skin too much in application, or it's possible you could be allergic or sensitive to the adhesive. We provide a test strip in each box so that you can try the adhesive before use. We do not recommend use on very sensitive skin. If you experience a rash, blemishes, itching or similar symptoms, stop using immediately and contact customer service.

Redness Post Brassybra

Some users may experience this. This can be increased blood circulation to the area post removal, or the aforementioned exfoliating effect the adhesive has. This is normal and will disappear in 24-48 hours or less.

When Not To Wear Brassybra

If you have known Diabetes, tape allergies or very sensitive skin, we don't recommend using Brassybra. If used, it is at your own risk. If you are unsure if this applies to you, we don't recommend using Brassybra.

The Breast Tape Itches And Is Very Uncomfortable!

Brassybra is made from hypoallergenic materials, but in susceptible individuals, some may experience an allergic reaction. If using Brassybra and irritation occurs, please stop using immediately! If this does not alleviate symptoms, please contact a doctor. We recommend using the included test strip of our adhesive before your first application.

How do I get in touch with customer service?

Shoot us an email at or simply use the form below.

Brassybra Wrinkles!

This is normal, but luckily this won’t show when you have clothes on. Luckily, our breasts aren't flat surfaces, so it's possible there can be a slight wrinkling around the natural curve of the breast.

Dance, Swim or Shower?

Brassybra is very elastic, it enables you to dance as long as you like without falling off. Brassybra mimics the skin by breathing which enables it to dry quickly after it gets wet. The adhesive is strong enough to swim/shower and sweat in, as long as you allow it to set on bone dry skin for 30 minutes prior.

How Long/often Can I Use Brassybra?

We don't recommend more than 8 hours. Brassybra is not meant to be used daily because our adhesive has an exfoliating effect upon removal. When removing Brassybra, the adhesive also removes dead skin cells. Similar to getting a facial, the fresh new skin that's been exfoliated needs to rest. We recommend using no more than once a week.

Can I Use My Brassybra Again?

Brassybra is a one time use breast tape, but there are 3 pairs in each kit!

Can Brassybra Be Adjusted To Clothes?

You can cut and shape it a little, feel free to put it on before adjust it to your clothes, but do not cut more 0.5-1 inch on each side. Trimming more can affect the integrity of the support. Do not trim until the product has set for 30 minutes.

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