Boob Tape Collection

It's NOT Just a Bra. It's Brassy Freedom.

Our boob tape is crafted to sculpt, lift, and support, specifically designed for women's diverse shapes and wardrobe challenges. They highlight your natural curves while ensuring you stay comfortable and confident, no matter the outfit. Experience the difference with
Brassybra: where style meets perfect fit.

Bra Tape in caramel color

Brassybra Caramel

 - $ 38.00
Bra - Brassybra Chocolate

Brassybra Chocolate

 - $ 38.00
 Bra Tape in vanilla (nude) color

Brassybra Vanilla

 - $ 38.00
Bra Tape in licorice (black) color

Brassybra Licorice

 - $ 38.00
Bra Tape in cocoa (dark down) color

Brassybra Cocoa

 - $ 38.00
That Little Extra adhesive boob tape in vanilla (nude) color

That Little Extra

 - $ 12.00
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