The Birth of Brassybra.: A Journey from Duct Tape to Liberation

Back in 2012 when I was getting married, I found my dream wedding dress, but I couldn't find a bra that had all the features I needed. I tried everything, but didn't find anything that gave me invisible support and lift that would last through the day and later on the steamy dance floor! I ended up opting for duct tape, as so many women have before me, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!

I suffered all day, barely making it through the wedding. Then, removing it was even worse and that started off the wedding night badly (sigh). But hey, at least I looked good! (Please never try this!). A few months later, I was invited to a party and wanted to wear an open back dress, but again, I didn't have the support I needed. Then and there I decided there had to be a better solution than duct tape, so I set out to solve this problem.

I experimented with many different shapes, adhesives, and materials. My family and friends were my guinea pigs. It started out as just a hobby, but then as more and more friends reached out, and slowly I began to devote more time to developing my dream product. Fast forward to 2016, I finally brought Brassybra to the international market! It's the world’s first adhesive bra that breathes and stretches like your skin. The adhesive is strong enough that you can dance, perspire, and even swim in it! It comes in the sizes A-DDDD/European G and offers invisible, strap-free, all day support in a variety of skin tones.

As I developed the product, I invested all my savings, and even got support from Innovation Norway to help me find a factory where we could manufacture under the best conditions possible. We ended up with a 97% cotton based material with elastane, which acts just like a second skin. The most important thing during this development phase was ensuring that the product quality and working conditions were excellent, so that you can be sure that you are getting a safe and ethically produced product.