How to apply Boob Tape

There's a lot of ways you can apply boob tape, we'll show you how!

How to Apply Brassybra DD-DDDD/G

Jasmine shows her tips on how to apply Brassybra's largest size!

How to Apply Brassybra and That Little Extra

See how we recommend to apply Brassybra and TLE for large cup sizes.

How To Apply Brassybra C/D

See how a C/D cup is applied with TLE for more cleavage.

How To Apply Brassybra A/B + That Little Extra

Brassybra + Our "That Little Extra Strips" are the perfect compliment to create additional cleavage!

More Ways to Apply Brassybra

Amelia shows us how she applies!

What to Wear With Brassybra?

Jasmine shows us 3 different outfits she wears with Brassybra!

Tips & Tricks

Get Some Insider Tricks on How to Use Brassybra

Heat Activation

Heat is the key!

Skin Prepping

Meara shows you how to get the most out of your Brassybra.

How to Customize Your Brassybra

Brassybra can be trimmed to fit various outfits.
Wait 30 minutes AFTER application to allow the adhesive to set before you trim!

How to Remove Brassybra

For super easy removal, use oil!

Brassybra has become a staple for my wardrobe! As a bigger busted woman, this brand has given me the opportunity to wear things that I never have been able to before with confidence. You can customize the fit and they last all day! I've worn under dresses, swim suits, and tops with no issues.

Alysha, Dallas - USA