Do you have what it takes to be an Ambrassydor?

AmabrassydorWe at Brassybra embrace the term 'Shamelessly Bold'. What we mean by this is we want all women to be a little gutsy, show some spunk and be confident in their own skin. And of course have fun while doing it. We want to celebrate women by empowering them to wear what they haven't dared to before or weren't able to.  We feel it is important to show this to our customers and this is where you come in. 'Sassy, classy and brassy'

Us here at Brassybra want you, the strong independent woman, to try on and show off Brassybra on your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat etc and maybe earn admirers and more.

Contact us at ambrassydor at Please tell us a little about yourself, add your instagram and/or Facebook profile and we will contact you!