News-Wedding Expo in Oslo Mitt Bryllup-BRASSYBRA

Wedding Expo in Oslo Mitt Bryllup

Feb 6, 2018

Bridal show in Oslo with Mitt Bryllup

We had an amazing time, one of Norway's best bridal shows, Brassybra on every model <3 we are definitely going again. This season there is so many different beautiful dresses, plunging neckline and backless have become a staple of the bridal fashion this season. Brassybra works perfectly with this new wedding fashion. This dresses are from Kristins brudesalong and Ski brudesalong. Both bridal sallons have Brasssybra for sale in their store. 

Kristins brudesalong

Kristins brudesalong

Gorgeous Kathrine Sørland in this dress from Ski Brudesalong (she also have Brassybra on)

Brasssybra <3

She Brudesalong


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