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Apr 29, 2020


Kat was recently interviewed on! The ladies discuss Kat's background, why Brassybra is so innovative and inclusive, and why Kat invented this brand new product in the first place! (M): Could you please provide some background on yourself? 


Katherina Borve (KB): I’m from Norway, which is where I started Brassybra. But I moved to the Miami area last year to pursue business in the U.S. I live and work there with my husband, JR, and our two wonderful children, Amelia and Adam. I started out working in the airline industry and spent years working in skincare back home before my fateful wedding day!


M: What prompted you to create Brassybra? 


KB: Brassybra was invented after a serious issue occurred on our wedding day. I duct-taped myself into my dream wedding gown, only to be met with consequences on our wedding night, as you can imagine. At that time, there were no adhesive support solutions for larger cup sizes, and I knew that something could be done.


M: What makes Brassybra unique when compared to ordinary fashion tape? 


KB: Brassybra is the only boob-tape on the market that works for larger cup sizes (A-G), is waterproof/movement-proof, and comes in five different skin tones.  


M: Would you say that Brassybra can work for everyday life as well as special occasions?


KB: Of course! Brassybra is perfect for anything from a pool party, to brunch, to a wedding- or even all three on the same day. Because you can shower and swim in Brassybra, it can outlast any outfit and any schedule.


 M: Would you recommend Brassybra for busy moms? 


KB: Absolutely! Who else has a pool party to go to, followed by various errands, outfit changes, bath time, and bedtime followed by an event to contend with?!  


M: What makes Brassybra inclusive for all or most women? 


KB: Brassybra was designed for so many women. Between our wide size range and five different skin tones, we cater to as many women as we possibly can.  


M: Do you have plans to try and make Brassyba even more inclusive in the future? 


KB: Absolutely. We’re working on a design for even larger cup sizes, as well as a reusable version and a specific wedding shade. Stay tuned! 


M: What has been the response since the release of Brassybra? 


KB: We’re so grateful for the overwhelming support! We adore our customers and we’ve established a really great and loyal following. Many women with larger cup sizes have been especially excited as we’ve created a product that'll work above a D cup, which is very unusual. We have thousands of copycat companies that use our photos and content without permission, and our loyal customers are always the first to let us know about the various Brassybra impersonators.


M: What has been your biggest achievement with Brassybra so far? 

KB: We were featured in a Facebook success article, and we were so excited about that! It was a great moment for the business. Additionally, one of my favorite moments of the last few years was seeing Brassybra on the Sports Illustrated runway during Miami Swim Week. Veronica Pome’e- one of the SI model search winners- called us during the preparation, and we rushed over to the W hotel to make sure she had her Brassybra! 


M: What do you believe is next for you and Brassybra? 


KB: Growth and expansion, and we can’t wait! We have new products we’re developing, and we’re also working on a top-secret reusable Brassybra as well. It’s been amazing watching our tiny business grow over the last few years, and we’re working on becoming a household name.


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