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Love your Breasts

Oct 1, 2019

Love Your Breasts With Brassybra


Written by Jennifer Durrans 



There is no reason to deny the power of self-confidence. Being body confident and happy in your own skin gives off not just strong powerful vibes to the universe but creates further waves of confidence to other women. No matter your size, height or body shape, there is a way to get to love your body and Brassybra are going to give you some top tips!





  1. Feel Feminine and Powerful – Brassybra have been supporting women since its inception and body confidence can start with what you’re wearing underneath. Whether it’s a little chest lift, to give your cleavage a bit of a boost, or whether you’re desperate to ensure your bosom is supported to the optimal guarantee, Brassybra is your best friend. Our lightweight, easy to wear adhesive bras can certify that your cleavage is lifted, supported and invisible, without compromising on comfort. Our material is easily breathable, so rest assured it’s not shifting anywhere! First step starts with enjoying your Brassybra experience!


  1. Check Your Breasts – getting to know your breasts’ shape, size and color is vital to maintaining a healthy bosom. Changes in your breasts can just be a sign of hormonal changes or anatomical changes that happen with time, but it can also be a sign of something a little more serious. Make sure you inspect your breasts, learn to feel their usual lumps and bumps, before and after menstruation, and anything abnormal, be sure to have it checked. Love your breasts and they will surely love you back!


  1. Try Something Out Of The Ordinary – sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to give yourself a boost of confidence. Whilst at first it may feel foreign and coiling back up into your shell may feel the best option, push on through and realize that every woman has insecurities, and we can learn to live with them and embrace them…together. Take a swimming class or a sports class. Something that encourages showing off your body and using your body in front of others. Yoga or Pilates is a great way to tone those stomach muscles, you may also meet other like-minded women who are have hit toughs of low self-esteem in the past. Try wearing your bikini for just half an hour at the pool when you’re on holiday; little steps at first, take the plunge to start appreciating your body.


  1. Realize What Makes You Feel Good – what makes you feel confident? What makes you love your body? Is it the feeling of a golden summer tan, or perhaps it’s the thought of having toned legs. It may even be the accessories you choose to wear or the color of your hair. If nothing springs to mind at first, sit down with a notepad and delve a little deeper into your mind. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, think about how you can achieve it. We as humans, in our busy little lives, often forget to pamper ourselves and may not always be able to find the time to achieve that “feel good” mood. So make your list and start to put it into motion.



  1. Your Breasts Are Not Just For Fashion – whilst it may not be easy to always love your breasts, we sometimes forget the reason that we as women have them. Naturally, they are there to feed babies, so the further we look into that, the more we have an appreciation for them, no matter what their shape, size or color is. Breasts are incredible; they are full of tiny milk ducts that create life-sustaining milk for our children and blossom just like a flower when we are pregnant. When we look at our breasts for their function and not just for fashion, we really can learn to realize that they are such wonderful female features; so, it’s time to take care of them and it begins today.





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