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Last Night A Boob Tape Saved My Life

Mar 12, 2021

When I first heard about Brassybra, a boob tape that was specifically tailored toward a wide range of breast sizes, it sounded too good to be true. As someone whose bra size is 36G, my social media ads bombard me with products associated with boobs and lingerie. There are promises of magical bras that will minimize or products that vow that they are some type of one-size-fits-all miracles. I never believe any of it. I am someone who loathes bra shopping. I can never find my size, and then when I do feel like I HAVE to buy whatever I find because my size is like a unicorn. If I get lucky, maybe I’ll see it running through the woods...but if I don’t catch it, I might never see it again. Adhesive bras weren’t even on my radar. They were a product I never considered because I felt like they weren’t made for people with large cup sizes. Brassybra not only comes in three different sizes, but it also comes in five different shades! I decided to try the Brassybra Vanilla DD-DDDD/European G size and the Vanilla That Little Extra Strips. I was nervous, each box contains three sets, and I didn’t want my first try to be an epic disaster.

I would definitely recommend doing some practice placements in front of a mirror without peeling the adhesive seal. This way you have a better idea of where you think they’d sit best on your breast before applying. The trickiest part for me was holding my breast up and simultaneously trying to stick on the Brassybra. But once I stuck it on and rubbed it in, it really HELD. If you try to move the Brassybra’s position once you’ve adhered it to your skin, the parts you’re trying to restick will not stick as firmly as the parts you don’t touch. My recommendation, LEAVE IT ALONE. Brassybra really surprised me in the best way! After I waited for a half-hour for the adhesive bra to set properly, my breasts stayed gorgeous and lifted. I was able to move freely! I tried on a top that I previously could’ve never worn and it looked GOOD. Brassybra is magic in a box, and its innovative design genuinely gives you the power to upgrade your wardrobe. I will now buy backless dresses and tops and not have bra straps sticking out of every dress I put on. This adhesive bra is super comfortable (I took a nap in it and woke up and everything was still intact). I took it off super slowly in the shower and made sure to saturate the Brassybra in oil before I peeled it off to avoid any skin irritation. It took a little bit of time but taking it off slowly felt like the safe thing to do. I’m so excited to continue wearing Brassybra and knowing that for special occasions this product truly comes in clutch.

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