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It’s officially summer!

Jul 1, 2019

Hello Ladies! 


Written by Mindy Colette


It’s officially summer! We are so excited for this time of year, especially THIS summer, in which, we will have our largest restock ever! This will keep us ALL stocked to our tatas content with Brassybra and Little Extras, in all shades and sizes. So, if you’ve been sticking with us from the beginning? We sincerely thank you for your continued support!  If you’re new to Brassybra and haven’t had an opportunity to experience a wear? We sincerely thank you for patience. Our full Inventory is coming within the next 2 weeks (maybe even sooner?) So, get your favorite swimsuit, jumpsuit, dress, top, or bodysuit ready! We want you to feel summer fabulous in whatever you want to wear. All while being supported, comfortable and unapologetically YOU!  



                                Without                  With Brassybra



Ahhhhhh Summer...Tis the season for pool parties, BBQ's, water parks and beaches! We are out more and wearing less! Its’s also the season where Brassybra really gets to shine its unique features. Ladies, I don’t know about the rest of you but, it’s too damn hot for standard bras all the time! I’m not one for restriction in the summer heat, plus, I sweat like crazy and my bra looks and feels like a wet mop by the end of day (Ew). Thankfully, Brassybra IS water resistant and can not only take the summer heat but can take the cool waters too! Yup, you CAN swim with it! (Bring me that scandalous swimsuit/bikini...NOW! ha!) Brassybra CAN also be trimmed down to fit your favorite swim and remain invisible! Or maybe even wear it solo for tanning? Tan strap lines, for what?!  Plus, our trademarked Second Skin Technology moves and breathes with your breasts, so you CAN forget it's there! No tugging or sweaty bands digging into your back and/or shoulders, no shifting your boobs to sit “just right” as you sweat your soul away. Nope, especially not for special outfits or events where you want to focus on simply having a good time! Why should you?!  

                          Without               With Brassybra       



                             Without                  With Brassybra



So, with that being said...  Here are a few pieces I'm wearing my Brassybra with this summer (just for some lift reference and cut/trim potential), so you all can get a realistic Idea of what’s possible! With Brassybra there really isn’t one application style that fits all fits, so make sure you adjust your application accordingly. You can always check our YouTube/Website for different methods of application or simply shoot us a message and we’ll gladly help you out. We genuinely WANT you to enjoy the freedom and comfort we have to offer! We are SO looking forward to getting this restock and getting you all set for what we hope is...a fantastic, memorable Summer! Thank you again for your support, as we proudly offer you ours.  


With Lotsa Love, 



We are genuinely The Original breast tape of this kind and we take great pride in not only our quality standards, but our customers, in fact, we don’t even like to call you all customers, we feel like you’re our friends we get to talk about boobs and clothes with regularly haha! 


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