How to Keep Your Girls in Check on Halloween (and We Don’t Mean Your Friends)

Halloween Must-Haves for Your Girls

Hello, Halloween babes! It’s time to nail down your costume for any big thing on the calendar. Even if you’re just wearing a black dress and a pair of cat ears (which never gets old), you don’t want to catch yourself in an outfit that leaves your confidence—and your boobs—at the bottom of the candy bag. So, you’ve got to have the right support and keep your girls in check.




Whether you’re dancing, mingling, or swooping on that candy at the end of the night, this little list of must-haves ensures you and your girls look like a favorite treat in a picture-perfect wrapper.

Boob Tape (Check!)

Boob tape is an absolute must for Halloween. It stars in nearly every excellent outfit for parties, outings, and casual get-togethers. You can wear that goddess costume with the plunging neckline, slip into your witch dress with the low back, or dress up in something that usually only a certain platinum-haired plastic doll without a bra could wear. Look for a latex-free adhesive bra available in sizes from A to DDDD because there is no one-size-fits-all for bras, especially on Halloween.

Great Technique (Check!)

Wearing bra tape is one of those things where you have to get it right the first time because removing the strong adhesive means you can’t put it back on again. The trick to mastering tape bras is watching videos and doing a practice run—preferably with a fun outfit, like a slouchy sweater with a plunging neckline or a flowy dress you’ll wear during another seasonal outing. Getting to know your adhesive bra will help you work out the kinks of application, setting, and removal so you don’t have to figure it all out last minute.

Confidence (Check!)

Confidence will come with mastering the boob tape, but it’s a good reminder to check in on it, just in case. After applying your adhesive bra (with nipple covers for protection) and letting it rest and set for 30 minutes, jump around, twirl, and put your arms in the air. The tape should move with you, flexing and molding to your body like a second skin with some coverage.

Extra Tape (Check!)

Some extra boob tape will go a long way for your outfit if you have bigger breasts or just want a little more lift for your look. A brand offering adhesive bras may also have extra cuts with that same super-strong adhesive, which you can layer over and around your adhesive bra. This option is great for those bigger-busted witches in dresses or tops with a lace-up front or the ladies who will slip into a skin-tight catsuit for the night.

Halloween is a fun night to dress up and wear something you might not on any other day of the year. With a super-strong bra tape that holds your girls in place, you can find the confidence you need to dance the night away, enjoy some rib-shaking laughs with your friends, and fall back into your couch with a bowl of candy after the clock strikes midnight. Or maybe it’s 3 a.m., but who’s keeping track? The only thing that matters is your boobs still look great.