Get Ready for Your New Year's Eve Party with These 3 Style Tips

3 Style Tips for Putting Together a Memorable New Year’s Eve Party Look

It’s that time of year once again. It’s the season of get-togethers, dinners, and, of course, parties. And there’s no party quite as glitzy and glamorous as the New Year’s Eve party. It’s the year's last party—and the year's first party. So, why not embrace the glitz and glam of it all? This year, you might be thinking about mixing things up a bit. You want to add a little “something” to your look. You know you want to look spectacular in the last outfit of 2023. The good news is you’re in the right place if you’re looking for a little NYE party inspiration. From a little shimmer and shine to strategic bra tape, here are a few quick style tips as you prepare for the last party of the year! 

Shimmer and Shine Through the Night

When you’re celebrating the end of the year—and ringing in the New Year—it’s the perfect time to shimmer and shine. There are a few ways to capture the light as you dance into the night. There’s always the classic metallic sequined look. It may be in the form of a silvery or gold sequin dress or skirt. Not feeling sequins but still want to shimmer? Metallic fabrics can still add a sheen of glitz without overdoing. It may be a little black dress with a metallic sheen. It can also be a metallic velour dress. Just how shimmery and shiny you go is, well, up to you. If you want to glitz things up, you can create an outfit that does just that. If you want to keep things more subtle, you can do that, too. Maybe you want to keep the shimmer and shine limited to your accessories.

Add a Pop of Glam with Your Accessories

Accessories can pull together just about any look. From your shoes to your handbag, you can add a hint of glitz to your NYE look by pairing your outfit with those “just right” accessories. The LBD with gold metallic shoes? Yes! A vibrant pink mini with a silvery handbag? Also yes! You might even throw on a belt with gold accents to bring together your black dress. You might wonder, is it possible to overdo the shimmer and shine? Could you get away with a silvery sequined dress with silver shoes and a silver handbag? The answer is also yes. When it comes to an NYE bash, there’s no such thing as overdoing it. This is the perfect time to put together a glitzy outfit you might not otherwise wear throughout the rest of the year. 

Don’t Forget the Boob Support!

This style tip is easy to overlook, but it can be crucial! Naturally, you want support that complements your outfit. You also want support for when you’re dancing and moving. Not to mention support that’s comfortable all night long. With all of these considerations, this is the perfect time for boob tape. You can forgo your typical bra for the evening and instead rely on something that can give you more control and can work seamlessly with your outfit. Tape bras can open up all kinds of possibilities when it comes to choosing a dress. You can lift and shape to get everything just right. 

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