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FAQ for Brassybra

Mar 15, 2017
What is Brassybra?

Brassybra is a breast tape that mimics the skin by breathing and stretching like the skin. The adhesive is heat activated by your body temperature and enables you to move freely without falling off, you are also able to wear it while swimming. Brassybra lifts, shapes and supports.

Can Brassybra Fall Off?

Before applying Brassybra, your skin should be clean, free from oils and creams. It is important that the breast tape is heat activated by your body temperature and put it on at least 30 mins before going out. This should reduce the risk of you Brassybra falling off.

Take Off Brassybra?

The Brassybra kit comes with 3 adhesive remover wipes, these will help taking off the breast tape. Start carefully in one end and wipe with the wipe where the adhesive is. Another option is to use vegetable oil/baby oil by applying it to the bra and carefully remove it. Also taking a hot shower and using vegetable oil/baby oil is an option. Do not pull Brassybra off like a band aid, it is important to be patient and take your time, otherwise you may cause skin irritation.

Brassybra Wrinkles!

This is normal, but luckily this wont show when you have clothes on. This is due to the breast is lifted og the skin gathers.

Dance, Swim or Shower?

Brassybra is very elastic that enables you to dance as long as one can stand without falling off. Brassybra mimics the skin by breathing which enables it to dry quickly after it gets wet. Swimming is also possible since it is so elastic it shapes to your breast.

How Long Can I Use Brassybra?

We don't recommend more than 8 hours, even though i can stay on for up to 3 days.

Can I Use My Brassybra Again?

Brassybra is a disposable breast tape, but there are 3 pairs in each kit!

Does Brassybra Show With Clothes On?

No, Brassybra is made to mimic your skin as much as possible. The breast tape lifts, shapes and supports your breast without being visible when wearing clothes. It is possible to shape a little by using scissors, feel free to put on Brassybra before you adjust it to clothing, but do not cut more than 0.5-1 inch on each edge, if you cut more Brassybra may loose it's effect.

Can Brassybra Be Adjusted To Clothes?

You can cut and shape it a little, feel free to put it on before adjust it to your clothes, but do not cut more 0.5-1 inch on each side, If you cut more Brassybra may loose it's effect.

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