Calling all Canadian Brassybra lovers! We're so excited to finally announce our partnership with the fabulous Addition Elle! This has been in the works for some time, and we're thrilled that they've rolled out their inventory!  If you're in Canada and looking to purchase, here are the Additon Elle locations you can find us: 

Champlain Place 

Promenades St. Bruno 

Galeries de la Capit 

Galeries d' Anjou 

Carrefour Laval 

AE ECommerce US 

Smart Centres Stava

Mega Centre Ste-Foy

Taschereau Boulevard 

Les Galeries de Lana 

Mega Centre Beauport 

First Garden Centres 

Durham Centre 

Barrie North Smart C 

Eglinton Town Centre 

Colossus Centre 

Cambridge Power Cent

Shawnessy Towne Cent

South Edmonton Commo 

Riocan Langley Centr

Green Lane Centre

Signal Hill Centre

First Pro Queens Squ

Queenson Place

Carrefour De L'Estri

Faubourg De L'Estri

Faubourg Boisbriand

Smart Centres Drummo

Grasslands At Harbou

Dartmouth Crossing

Aetoronto Queen St. 

We're so grateful that our worldwide demand is growing. We can hardly believe that we've grown from Kat's kitchen experiment to now partnerships with huge brands such as Addition Elle. We're honored to have all of you on this journey with us, and we're so thankful for your patience as we grow and try to keep up with the exponential worldwide demand. 


For Our Non-Canadian Brassy Babes:

We've just received a huge restock of DD/DDDD/G (Remember, if you're in a rush for a smaller size, you can always cut a larger Brassybra to fit any shape as needed)! Vanilla and Licorice are the quickest to produce, that's why they're our first arrivals. All remaining sizes, as well as Caramel, Chocolate and Cocoa and The Little Extra are being produced in our factory as we speak, and shouldn't be much longer. We're still such a small business that started with Kat and her husband JR in their home in Norway, and we're so happy you've stood by us as we restock. Pre-order Vanilla and Licorice on our website today!