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Brassybra’s Hacks for Your Island Getaway Winter Vacation

Are you looking forward to a week or two in a tropical climate, wearing your favorite swimsuit, and running on Island time? Before you leave your winter climate in favor of warmer weather, make sure you invite Brassybra to join you on your island getaway. Our adhesive bra is the ideal high-quality boob tape —the kind you can wear with your swimsuit while you swim.

That’s right. You can wear it in the water.
With medical-grade adhesive and breathable materials, Brassybra is the perfect addition to your island wardrobe. On top of our impressive boob tape, we also have a few pointers to help you live your best life on an island under the sun.

Bring Your Favorite Bikinis

It’s time to toss away your inhibitions about wearing that teeny bikini. Every woman deserves a bikini moment, and Brassybra will help you take it. The strong boob tape can hold up to a European G cup size, which is a DDDD in the U.S. That means it will hold even in that halter-style swim situation. You can trim away the excess boob tap to ensure your Brassybra fits your swim style, too. So, don’t forget the bikini because every body is a bikini body as long as it’s wearing a bikini.

Pack a Comfortable One-Piece

Okay, so you’ve got the bikinis, but you will also want an option that feels a little more secure and offers more protection from the sun. Don’t think too hard about looking good because Brassybra will make sure you and your boobs look just as fantastic in that one piece as you do in the bikini. This silhouette is also a great choice if you have to wear That Little Extra for some additional support. This strip of adhesive material gives you a little more lift and support. Thank goodness Brassybra thinks of everything, right? That’s why they’re a great vacation buddy.

Remember to cut it😉

Pose for That Picture

You’re on vacation. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get some photos, so make sure you pose. There won’t be an unexpected nip slip on camera because Brassybra will hold your girls in place, whether in a bikini on the beach or a pretty dress at a destination wedding. As a wedding bra, a vacation bra, or the bra you wear when you want to slip into that off-the-shoulder sweater for the plane ride home, Brassybra is the perfect choice. It won’t sacrifice your look or your boobs, so strike that pose and flaunt what you’ve got, girl.

Brassybra is happy to go on vacation with you. They love a little time to bask in the sun, especially in such great company as yourself. Whether you’re away for a destination wedding or just escaping from some cold weather to get a little tan while you sip on a cocktail, Brassybra’s super-strong boob tape will support your girls. After all, they’ll be your best friends on this trip, especially in that new swimsuit!

Take Brassybra to Mexico, the Bahamas, or on another seasonal vacation, and visit