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Brassy Halloween Is Coming- Here's 3 Brassybra Inspired Costume Ideas for A Sexy, Spooky Halloween 2022

Oct 14, 2022

What goes well with a sexy costume? Amazing cleavage! So many costume options are backless, have plunge necklines, and can’t accommodate a traditional bra. What do you do when you don’t want to go without support but you can’t wear a normal bra? Brassybra to the rescue! 

Brassybra is sweat-proof, so you don’t have to worry about dancing the night away in that vinyl catsuit you keep in the back of your closet for special occasions (wink wink). Live in a warm climate where you’re going to a Halloween pool party? You can swim in Brassybra too! Is your costume super sheer or mesh? Brassybra blends with your skin tone and lies seamlessly under thin fabric, so no one will be able to tell you have it on. 

Many costumes don’t have enough support for us larger busted babes, but worry not, Brassy is here! We offer support from A cups to 40G or equivalent sister sizes. Now you can wear that dream costume that you’ve wanted to break out on Halloween, but you won’t have to worry about nip slips. You’ll also have tons of support and lift where you’d like it, which makes many of us feel much more comfortable.

Tae is one of our amazing Ambrassydors, and she picked 3 Brassy-tastic Halloween costumes that she’s planning on wearing this year. 


The Golden Angel:


This is an adorable, sassy option for those who want to show some skin. With the cut of the top, there’s no way you could wear a traditional bra of any kind. Tae applied her Brassybra and trimmed to fit the top after 30 minutes, and placed our little extra strips where they wouldn’t show for additional support. 


The Morticia:


Who doesn’t want “you-better-worship-me-Gomez” energy? This dress is perfect for those want to feel a little flirtatious without showing too much skin. If you live in a colder climate but want to show off a plunge neckline, a dress like this is a dream. Brassybra Licorice is always perfect when you want to wear a  black look like this. If your neckline does get moved for some reason, you can't really distinguish Brassybra from what you're wearing.  It would be impossible to wear any other kind of support with this garment, so it’s almost as if dresses like these were made with Brassybra in mind! Just make sure to keep your sleeves out of the drinks!



The DIY Fairy:


    We love DIY! Tae came up with this cute idea. She picked this dress and this fairy set off of Amazon and turned it into an effortless Fairy costume. She dyed the ears to match her skin tone and voila, an easy, quick and comfortable costume that doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles. How gorgeous does she look?! 



    Here’s a few tips for Brassybra success this Halloween Season: 


    1. If you’re planning on wearing any makeup or tanning lotion/ highlighter on your chest area, make sure to apply it only above the collarbones after your Brassybra has set for 30 minutes. Make sure your entire chest area is bone dry and free from any leftover lotions, oils, or makeup. 
    2. Allow extra time to get ready. Make sure you’re not rushing out of the shower or sweating while you curl your hair right after you apply your Brassybra. Brassybra needs to set on bone dry skin for 30 minutes before you sweat or move the area a lot. Many of us are guilty of waiting until the last minute to get ready for the party, and you’ll have the best results if you apply your Brassybra with lots of time to spare!
    3. Going out more than one night? Make sure you remove Brassybra in between! Some customers have said that they have worn Brassybra for longer than 24 hours and gone to multiple events. Make sure to always follow recommendations and wear Brassybra for 8 hours or less. Always remove with lots of oil from bottom to top. A hot shower helps as well! 

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