News-Subscriptions are HERE in time for Brassy Babe Summer!-BRASSYBRA

Subscriptions are HERE in time for Brassy Babe Summer!

Jun 23, 2022

Calling all Brassy Babes! Summer is in full swing and Brassybra is the perfect compliment for all of your swim/beach/summer fashion. 🔥


It’s Sundress Season and so many of the current trends don’t have space for every a strapless bra. There’s tons of backless options, spaghetti straps, and the one shoulder look is coming back, so pick a favorite arm to decorate with jewelry! Brassybra is everyone’s favorite boob tape for a reason. It’s sweat-proof and waterproof, so you can wear it to the beach, swim, go home, take a shower in it, get dressed, and go back out, all without having to worry about visible bra straps!


Brassybra Boob Tape is the best on the market.


Tae is wearing a super cute, pink sundress, with Brassybra on one side. Check out the support that it offers! 


Brassybra boob tape


Latest Brassybra News:
We’re now offering a subscription option, which means discounts up to 30% off Brassybra and our Little Extra strips. It’s the best way to save and to make sure that you’re always well stocked up, for summer vacations, brunch dates, and pool parties! Simply click “subscribe and save” in checkout to sign up. 


Recent Press Hits:


Buzzfeed Loves Brassybra Boob Tape


We’re in Buzzfeed again! Buzzfeed featured Brassybra in their recent article “52 Things That'll Get You Emotionally And Physically Ready For Summer.” 


Cosmopolitan loves Brassybra too! Brassybra was featured in their article “7 of the Best bra Solutions for Every Kind of Hard-To Wear Dress.” 


Women’s Health sent Brassybra some love this month as well! We were featured in their article “8 Best-Tested Comfy Boob Tapes For Every Size, Per a Dermatologist and Reviews. 

 Womens Health Brassybra Boob Tape Great Review


As always, thank you so much for supporting our small, woman owned, business! We’re the only boob tape on the market that produces ethically, and we’re so proud to share our high quality, hypoallergenic boob tape with you all! We hope you’re having an incredible summer. 




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