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Brassybra At The Billboard Music Awards

Award season is upon us! Bra straps are NOT invited to the red carpet. What do celebrities do when they want to wear a garment that will show a traditional bra? They wear Brassybra! Brassybra opens up all of your wardrobe possibilities so you’re no longer bound to certain outfits based on the undergarments and support you need. One shoulder dress? No problem! Backless jumpsuit? We’ve got your back. Plunging power suit? You know it! 

Miranda Lambert (styled by Tiffany Gifford) wore Brassybra to the Billboard Music Awards this week! We’re so excited to see her slay not only one, but TWO looks in Brassybra! 

We love a power suit moment, and this outfit would not be complete without proper support. Do you ever want to go for the braless blazer look, but you feel afraid that you’ll fall out of it and give everyone a show? Or perhaps you don’t feel comfortable going braless in a look like this, and you want extra lift and support to feel secure? We couldn’t understand more. Ms. Lambert looks gorgeous, supported, and ready to take the stage in this number!

Here she is in this lovely plunging, blue dress, sporting lovely cleavage, which we know takes every dress to the next level. So many of our customers can’t believe that cleavage without a bra is possible. Have you ever tried to tuck a bra into a plunging outfit like this? I know I’ve certainly safety-pinned my way through a few events in a plunging neckline like this before, but I never felt great going out like that. When we don’t have the proper undergarments for our outfits, it can lead to feeling less confident and insecure throughout the event. But look no further! Brassybra boob tape is the solution to this problem for all of your favorite outfits, so now you can feel secure and confident, but still braless and free. 

Are you planning to go to any brunches, beach parties or events with steamy dance floors this summer? Brassybra still has you covered! Did you know that Brassybra is waterproof (you can swim and shower in it), sweat-proof and dance proof? All you have to do is to simply apply on bone dry skin, rub it in really well to activate the heat activated adhesive, and then let it set for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can go to a beach party, go home and shower, get dressed, and head back out to another party, all in the same Brassybra. 

We can imagine how hot it is under the stage lights, but Miranda Lambert didn’t have to worry about her bra while performing! Here she is, performing in her Brassybra, along with fellow #brassybabe, Elle King, who also often wears Brassybra to red carpet events. We think they look amazing, what about you?

Brassybra is the perfect compliment to any outfit where you’d rather go braless, and let’s face it, wouldn’t we all rather go braless, always? Get red carpet ready whenever you like, with Brassybra. Where are you wearing Brassybra to this summer?