The Brassy Story!

April 29,2020


Hi, I’m Katherina, but you can call me Kat for short.
My journey to create Brassybra wasn’t a straight path, I actually started as an apprentice as a chef and finished my chef graduation, then I wanted to become a skin therapist and a flight attendant some years after that. The skies taught me about customer relationship and the of comfort

during travel, while my time as a skin therapist deepened my understanding of personal care and the unique needs of every individual's skin. Despite the teachings these careers brought, I had a dream to create my own inventions and something that could make a significant difference in people’s lives.



My adventure into the world of entrepreneurship began with a personal challenge. In 2012, I was getting married but I faced a dilemma of finding the perfect bra for my dream dress. The solution, unfortunately, was duct tape, it was the only thing that worked but I wouldn’t wish on anyone’ the discomfort and the nightmare of removing the tape made me committed to find a better solution, not just for myself but for all women facing similar challenges.

 Lucky My husband, Jan Roger, a nurse by profession, stepped into this unfamiliar territory with me. He might laugh off the title, but in my eyes, he went from being a dedicated healthcare professional to a complete e-commerce tycoon. His support and belief in my vision were significant in turning Brassybra from a dream into reality.

Transforming my living room into a testing lab and my friends into product testers, I began on a mission to create the ultimate adhesive bra. By 2016, Brassybra was no longer just an idea but a product ready to take on the world. Design to be breathable, stretchable, and available in a variety of skin tones, Brassybra was created to provide invisible, strapless support, allowing women everywhere to wear what they love with confidence.

With the help of Innovation Norway and a steady commitment to true operations, we found a manufacturing partner who shared our vision. Our product, made from 97% cotton and elastane, is not just a bra but a second skin, ensuring that you feel supported in every moment.

Today, Brassybra is more than a brand; it's a part of our story and the stories of women worldwide who seek comfort, support, and the freedom to wear their favorite outfits without compromise. This journey from the skies to your closets has been filled with challenges and triumphs, but most importantly, it has been a journey of love and partnership.

 Join me in this adventure, where every product we create is a step towards empowering you to feel confident and beautiful in your skin. This is not just my herstory; it's a celebration of all the Brassy Women out there making their mark, supported by our creations.



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