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Brassybra Nude-Brassybra-BRASSYBRA
Brassybra Nude-Brassybra-BRASSYBRA

Brassybra Nude

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Brassybra is a disposable bra, you can only use it once, but there are three pairs in each Brassybra kit!

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Brassybra Kit:

One exclusive box

Three pairs of Brassybra®

Three pairs of nipple cover

Three satchels of adhesive remover

Brassybra® is a Norwegian designed breast-tape that lifts, shapes and supports your breasts while being invisible. Brassybra® mimics your skin by breathing and stretching with your skin, it's also very comfortable to wear. It's a brilliant way to give support without wearing a regular bra. The breast-tape and its unique adhesive properties makes it ideal for all sizes. Brassybra® can handle sweat and water. You are also able to go swimming with it without the fear of it falling off.

Brassybra® is used where a regular bra won't do. It's for all your cleavage, halter neck, open back needs you may have. You may also shape and form your Brassybra® by using a scissor (best to do after it is put on / see movie more information)

Brassybra® is latex-free and allergy friendly.