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Lucky Charm Bra NFT's bring good fortune and protection to their owners. Carry it on your phone in your virtual art gallery. It will help generate love and happiness, and good luck will follow you.

Lucky Charm Bra Art is a Limited Collection of Charms consisting of a total of 24 characters. The Lucky Bra Collection is a totally unique creation. Each piece is drawn by hand, and they come in 24 different background colors. Every Charm is different in its own way and has its own unique fortune attracting abilities.

The Lucky Charm Bra NFT Team is setting out to support entrepreneurs. Any capital earned by our Lucky Charm Bra NFT's will be donating 50% of our initial proceedings to startup businesses. We appreciate your support!

The Artist!

I started the company Brassy Inc in 2016 and invented Brassybra (it’s a adhesive bra that mimics the skin) I also love art and started as a hobby artist very young. I have always been creative and love making my ideas real. I love fashion and are dreaming of making lingerie line one day. 

I have been making digital art for 6 years, I make everything for Brassy Inc.


What Are Lucky Charm Bra?

Every single Lucky Charm Bra is minted on the blockchain has a unique combination of features and are ALL 1-for-1. Join the Lucky Charm Bra Club and get yourself some Good Luck. A Limited Collection of Lucky charms Art Consisting of a total 24 characters. The lucky charm Collection is a unique creation drawn by hand and comes in a variation of 24 different background colors. Each lucky charm is different in its own way and I`m am drawing them by hand. Each has its on unique luck and special purpose, they are cute and silly. Its like when you go to a job interview or something important and you want to wear your lucky bra or boxer. 

Made With Love!

These Lucky Charm Bras were created with love for supporting entrepreneurs. Coming ourselves from a start up, we know how hard things can be in the beginning with everything from advice to finances. We want to support start ups and help them grow.

What Happens After I Buy A Lucky Charm Bra?

Your Lucky Charm Bra is stored in the wallet you used to purchase them. Your Lucky Charm Bra(s) will be viewable in the phantom wallet app and on Magic Eden, FTX.US, Solanart,, among other marketplaces. 

What Can I Do With The Lucky Charm Bra?

It is yours Lucky Charm, You own it outright and are free to use it however you like under a non-exclusive license. have it on your phone for good luck or in your virtual gallery, its a nice gift to a loved one too.

Why Should I Get A Lucky Charm Bra?

The Lucky Charm Bra NFT Team is working towards a project that aims at bringing support to entrepreneurs. We are starting off by selling our Art in the form of NFTs to gather the capital to move forward to support entrepreneurs. Additionally, our bra Lucky charms NFT will be donating 50% of our initial proceedings to entrepreneurs start up businesses. We appreciate all the support we can get.